We produce and deliver LV switchboard systems, canopies, fuel tanks, silencers, panels and diesel generator sets. Starfel is the brand of our products. In addition, we bring you well known and best products from Turkey. Impeccably understanding market demands, we offer you realistic, competitive prices and quality. For some brands, we can provide you better cost than your local dealers do, since we have high volume business and agreements. Moreover, we always have close contacts and negotiations with the brand suppliers, thus we have further advantages. We deal with everything; hence you concentrate more on your customers. As a global supplier, Starfel knocks all the doors on behalf of you, negotiates, gets essential information and puts them in front of you.


On the other hand, you don’t lose sales, since you get alternative offers by Starfel. When one’s price or delivery time or technical compliance is not suitable, the others come out. We focus on your requests and help you in very quick actions.

We provide you a simple purchase checking system. You can easily track your orders after production approvals on our web site. You just log in and check the status of your procurements. In orderto make you have easy sales; you can download a quick delivery product list every day, from our web site. When you find a product which you need in a short time, we can rapidly proceed to start deliveries to your address.


We appreciate you work with us.


Always standing behind the words!