Aır Drıers

Dried and compressed air is essential for some businesses, particularly for food industry, hospitals and laboratories.
The offers are from a wide range of high quality products in the field of compressed air dryers and filters, as it is in a close collaboration with world's leading companies.

It is extremely important to dry your compressed air for optimal protection of your compressed air system. Atmospheric air, drawn into a compressor, always contains humidity. The amount of humidity mostly depends on the temperature, the higher the temperature, the more humidity atmospheric air will contain. When the compressed air is cooled, this humidity becomes condensate and may cause serious damage to your air distribution system and your equipment. The condensate must therefore be separated and removed from the air in order to achieve perfect dry air.

Adsorption removes the remaining g/air m³ water content that might condensate even downstream a refrigerant dryer. Its technology consists in simulating a temperature reduction down to -40 to -70°C to condensate the very last volume of water content in the air. This residual is removed and eliminated definitively.

Some of features and advantages of air drier systems:

Lower maintenance costs for the distribution network, since it is no more necessary to drain the line separators and to verify the operation of the drains, which sometimes are located even on very wide areas and for the machines using the compressed air and using pneumatic tools, since the absence of condensate removes most of the faulty causes.
Energy savings, due to less line pressure drops.
Longer life of pneumatic equipment, since the use of dry air assures reliable performance in time
Greater productivity, given the reduction of inappropriate standstills due to faults to the machineries
Better quality of the final product both in the applications where the compressed air gets in contact with the product and when the air is used only to move the machine servo-mechanisms
The Advantages of intelligent automatic discharge of condensate
Discharges only water, NOT compressed air = Energy savings
Noise-free, no acoustic impact = Environmental protection
High reliability attained through the development of the dryers in the CAD range.
First-class components that have been tested under the worst possible operating conditions
Constant dew point under any load condition