Booster compressors are used in pet bottling industry. This pressurized air system consists of a screw compressor at the low pressure level and a booster compressor at the high pressure level. System offered with plenty of spare parts and has been designed for long life durability.

A booster takes air from a compressed air main and increases the pressure for certain applications such as seal testing in pneumatic and hydraulic devices, certain actuating cylinders, presses, clamping fixtures and PET bottle production. Usually the volume of air demand at higher pressures of around 40 bar is relatively small so the booster is an economical means of supply and more efficient than to lift the pressure in the complete air main to this level. The boosters are delivered ready for use and include an air-cooled compressed air after cooler as standard.

Booster series provide a comprehensive product range of piston compressors, the main application of which is to boost the compression (after compression) of compressed air. Boosters are used in applications where compressed air of up to 10 bars is available or they are fed from an upstream normal pressure compressor and compress the compressed air in a downstream, second compression process to the required higher final pressure of maximum 40 bars. This is simple and safe and means that you do not need to invest in a high pressure network of your own.

The Boosters are distinguished by a compact design and a clear, easy-to-service structure. They are renowned for economical compressed air generation and a long service life, also in three-shift permanent operation.

The slow-running, air-cooled compressors can be adapted to almost any kind of operating conditions thanks to a well-conceived modular principle. The standard versions are designed for pressures of between 5 - 10 bars. Other pressures are available on request.