Car Batteries


In addition to its reinforced high-quality plates, it provides maintenance free extra long-life and extra performance even for new generation vehicles with high electricity consumption.

Some of models have special system which automatically shuts down the engine while your vehicle is idle during heavy traffic or at traffic lights, and then restarts the engine when the driver engages the clutch, thus helping to prevent loss of energy.


Fields of Application

Passenger Cars

Standard Automobiles

Light Commercial Vehicles


Product Advantages:

Ready to use, maintenance free

More safe with flame arresters

More cycle time than standard lead-acid batteries

More starting power than the standard batteries


Technical Features:

Totally sealed double lid

Special labyrinth plugs

Flame arresters inside the lid

Charge level indicator on the lid

Special terminal covers and user friendly handle

Full-frame positive plates

Special separators with low internal resistance

Special alloy with improved corrosion-resistance at higher temperatures

Maximum acid reserve capacity over the plates