GEL Batteries


Unlike the conventional ones, these batteries contain gel in a mixture with the electrolyte silica and are maintenance free with a sealed structure. Furthermore, they are resistant to deep discharge with considerably longer cycle life even at high temperature degrees. With their advanced chemical composition, they feature quick charge and equipped with special separators against short circuits. Even if they are not properly installed, the special plugs provide superior safety.

They are friendly to the environment. These batteries provide absolute solution for leakage; can work even when partially broken. Gel batteries are maintenance-free; reduce battery maintenance to negligible values. They perform perfectly in vibrating working conditions and can be fully charged even after deep discharge.

They have low inner resistance designed to protect the positive plates, thus increasing service life. They can store energy from alternative energy sources (Sun, wind, etc) to be utilized later. They have a special gel formula than decreases heating of the plates; it does not create heat when discharged. Conventional starter batteries lose power during cold cranking and are subject to spillage at high temperatures while the gen batteries never lose power.

Gel batteries can be used in solar energy systems, in sea transportation vehicles as marine batteries, wind energy systems, in defense vehicles such as military tanks and sea boats, in vehicles for the disabled, cleaning equipment, golf cars and in other applications where deep cycling is required.

With their long service life, safe use and short charging time, gel batteries offer the most appropriate solution with the quality for the vehicles with high electric demand.  As a result of production compliance with German DIN standards and specially designed gel electrolyte structure, they provide high performance for use on the boats, caravans, caddy carts and in the solar applications and the applications which similarly require high energy.

Technical Features

Reinforced positive plates

Compliant with UL Standards

Have ISO certificates

Completely closed

Maintenance free

Special gel electrolyte formula

Work in any positions (vertical or horizontal)

Very low losses while unused period


Product Advantages

Deep discharge durability and performance

Sealing longer storage and use

Advantage of use indoors

Durability and safety

Resistant to corrosion

Feasibility for high temperature

Dischargeable even when not full charged


Fields of Application



Caddy Carts 

Floor Cleaning Machines 

Renewable Energy Systems 

Telecommunication Systems