Heavy Duty Batteries


Specially designed thicker plates provide maximum resistance against effects of corrosion. The positive electrode incorporates silver, tin and calcium alloy (PbCaAg) while the negative electrode incorporates calcium (PbCa), thus ensuring minimum loss of water.

Heavy Duty car batteries incorporate glass-mat separators in addition to its reinforced plates. With special separators, cycle life and vibration resistance of batteries are longer and greater than regular batteries. Heavy Duty batteries with low internal resistance provide extra performance even under most challenging road conditions and at very low temperatures

Lids are sealed. Water evaporating in the battery condenses on the plugs and second lid. Specially designed plugs ensure safe return of the water to the battery, thus preventing water loss and leak.

Fields of Application

Heavy Vehicles and Trucks 

Delivery Vehicles


Municipal Utility Vehicles


Product Advantages

Ready-to-use, totally maintenance-free

Extra resistance to vibration

Improved cycle life

Higher Ah and starting capacity

Very low water consumption


Technical Features

Fully sealed double-lid

Special labyrinth plugs

Flame arresters inside the lid

Charge level indicator on the lid

Special handle

Glass mat separators

Thicker construction inside the terminals

High acid reserve capacity above the plates