Low Current Cables

Our offerings for low current cables are coaxial cables, data cables, silicone cables, telecom cables, instrumentation cables, fire cables, elevator cables, control and signal cables, welding cables, marine cables, audio cables, video cables, microphone cables, fiber optic cables, mining cables, battery cables, traffic signal cables and diaphone cables.


Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cable is used as a transmission line for radio frequency signals. Its applications include feed lines connecting radio transmitters and receivers with their antennas, computer network (internet) connections, and distributing cable television signals.


Data Cables

Data Cables are used for data communication in electronic control systems and computer connections. Generally, these are used for printer, modem, serial interfaces and terminal connections.


Silicone Cables

Silicone cables are used in white goods industry, heating and lighting systems, burners, glass industry, iron and steel industry, in the presence of low-temperature, high-temperature places and machines.


Telecom Cables

Telecom cables are used for data transmission in computers and office machines, industrial electronics, instrumentation, control engineering, indoor building installation, subscriber distribution with telephone switchboard, communication systems, data transmission.


Instrumentation Cables

These cables are designed to connect electrical instrument circuits and provide communication services in and around process industries like petrochemical, oil exploration, cement, paper, steel, power generation transmission of signals, computers, control systems and monitor networks as well as power plants.


Fire Cables

Fire alarm cables are used in security and fire alarm systems, communication systems inside buildings, computers and office machines and transmission of analogue and digital signals. Fire resistant cables are used for indoor populated environments, computers and office machines, measuring devices, industrial electronics, control and signal lines, security systems, sound setups and etc.


Elevator Cables

Elevator cables are used as control and command cable in lifts, elevators, conveyor systems and moving stairs in band systems.


Control and Signal Cables

These cables are used for signal transmission in industrial applications, telecommunication, electronic circuits, measuring instruments, machine designing, office devices, computer systems and sound systems with very flexible made and easy usage in narrow places in electronic control systems.


Welding Cables

Welding cables are used for welding machines as power supply and connection cables, internal and external weather conditions, oily and hot environments.


Marine Cables

Marine cables are also used in control circuits, conveyor systems, wet, dry, oily and used in all marine indoor and outdoor environments, open decks. In ships and any other marine crafts, these are used for instrumentation, signal and alarm circuits for communication applications.


Other type of cables

Audio cables, video cables, microphone cables, fiber optic cables, mining cables, battery cables, traffic signal cables and diaphone cables.


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