LPG Forklift Trucks

Our LPG powered forklift trucks have excellent power and lasting durability.The strong but low emmision engine will satisfy the operators in any given circumstance time and time again. Our machines are pleasure to work with , no matter where, no matter when. They come with pneumatic or cushion tyres.


These LPG forklifts are developed to help your operator achieve maximum productivity with effortless efficiency. Fast, strong, highly manoeuvrable, ergonomic, env¬iron¬ment¬ally friendly and safe, this truck meets every need. Perfect for indoor work on smooth surfaces, it offers many advantages - including excellent traction, low energy consumption, compact dimensions and powerful lifting with high residual capacities.


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Double or Triplex

Maximum lifting

Carriage capacity




We give you offer from, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Komatsu and Hangcha.