Medium Voltage Cables

Main insulations are XLPE, HFFR. The standard voltages are 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV and 20.3/35kV. These cables have very low dielectric loses. MV cables are generally used in mobile substation equipment, for distribution of power in industrial settings and in mining to supply power to drills, shovels, haulers, etc. In addition, these are used where the stations have instant load variations, residential and industrial areas with high short circuit currents, cable channels, underground and in air.


A common application for MV cables is in maintenance and repairs. Utilities personnel use mobile workstations to provide scheduled downtime maintenance for substations or to conduct repairs due to damage caused by a storm, for instance. Moreover, industrial facilities might have an in-house team or contractors that install and repair these types of cables for distribution of power, as some facilities have responsibility for some of the power that is coming into them.


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