Mobile Screw

They are used in construction, mining and drilling sectors. The one-piece canopy was manufactured by using high pressure RTM molding technology and provides easily access to all components inside the compressor. Because of the canopy was made of composite materials, it is naturally, lightweight and very resistant to corrosion and impacts. The models have ergonomic and very simple control panel including; pressure gauge, fuel level monitor and working timer. Emergency system of the compressor not only provides safe operation for compressor but also for the engine.They have specially designed fuel tanks in different capacities.

Efficient and robust rotary screw airend is directly driven by a diesel engine. 4 cylinder, water-cooled and turbo charged engine complies with EPA emission regulations which are the most stringent in this class.

By direct transmission, mechanical power losses, associated with other transmission methods, are eliminated. Thus, more pressurized air is generated with less fuel and saves your money. Also vibration and sound levels are remarkably decreased by this way.