MV Compensation and Harmonic Filter Systems

Compensation Systems

Connected equipment (transformers, motors, air-conditioning, refrigerators, etc.) cause a phase angle between current and voltage. When the current is phase-shifted, it takes more current to deliver the same amount of active power.


Impact of reactive power; Transmission equipment has to be sized for the apparent power, yet only active power is useful. Losses in the network increases and you pay for apparent power but use active power (higher electricity bill).  Penalty fees to customers with a low power factor installation (example < 0.95).


Main users are power consumers, network operators, electric utilities, power industry, hospitals, offices, public and commercial buildings, factories.

 As a solution, the power factor of a facility can be improved by installing capacitor banks.



Harmonic Filter Systems

Variable speed drives (process industries, lifts, air conditioning pumps, etc.), uninterruptible power supplies for computers, electronic equipment, etc. distort the current (introduce harmonics).


Impact of harmonics on transmission / distribution equipment; Additional losses (paid for by the end user, heating in power cables, audible noise (transformers) and metering errors.

Impact of harmonics on equipment connected; Decreased machinery efficiency and lifetime, costly process shutdown and disturbed electronic equipment (computers, telephones).


Main users are power consumers, network operators, electric utilities, power industry, public and commercial buildings.

As a solution, harmonics can be filtered through a combination of reactors and capacitors (passive filtering) or by injecting the exact opposite of the harmonics detected (active filter) into the network.


Reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering bring, economically, saving the costs of reactive power, additional savings through reduced active power losses, reduction in investment cost, increase of machinery lifetime and decrease of maintenance requirements and downtime of equipment.

In environment, reduced CO2 emissions come out. Customers see environmental benefits through energy savings and more efficient power systems.