OpZS Batteries


Opzs types are tubular stationary batteries with low maintenance need are continuously floating power supplies for standby facilities. They require minimum maintenance and provide minimum energy cost.

Low antimony lead alloy as this products main feature lowers the water loss drainage and discharge level. The ability of holding on the active element and charge-discharge is always constant at the same level. The Opzs batteries, which are produced to be used in case of sudden power outages as to provide systems to stop or halt, are made of transparent block cases. With their separator and alloy features they infrequently require maintenance and have a long life as at least 20 years of duty cycle and their production capacity is between 150-5000Ah. Our accumulators are adequate according to DIN standards

Fields of Application

Solar Energy systems

Wind power systems

Alarm systems

Television and Radio transmitter

Telecommunications devices

Uninterrupted power supplies

Power supplies

Emergency lighting systems

Medical equipment

Control and test devices

Marine equipment

Movable devices

Mobile lighting devices


Railway systems

Product Advantages

Produced as wet charged or dry charged 
Easy installation, safe batteries

As standard, no additional pure water needed for minimum 2-3 years

Don’t release acid, since cap and box are adhered specially.

Better price than the systems need over an hour charge

Technical Features

Hydrogen and oxygen from vaporing go easily out and the electrolyte goes back to the cells without any loss

Life time is around 1500 cycles, so can be used 10-15 years
Produced as per DIN and IEC standards

Very low maintenance due to low antimony

Possible to be produced from 50 Ah to 3000 Ah

Having minimum gas release

Suitable against fire and explosion

Intensive charge-discharge cycle due to tubular plate technology