Reach Trucks

A warehouse can only perform as effectively as its trucks and their drivers. That’s why our reach truck are specially engineered to take any operator’s performance to the next level. The trucks are easily tailored to your needs with a choice of three performance modes. They are configured to work naturally and economically in any environment.


They are extremely generous on operator space and comfort. These drive productivity higher through its control systems. These trucks are designed to tackle the problem of handling long loads, such as pipes or timber, in very narrow aisles or other confined spaces. Their movement can be forward, backward, sideways, diagonal or rotational, as well as up and down. Together with convenient controls and full 360° turning of each wheel, this allows infinitely precise steering of the truck and pinpoint positioning of the load.


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We give you offer from Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Komatsu and Hangcha.