Our stackers are very compact, easy to use and highly versatile. These have been developed to deliver exceptional productivity in every setting. An ergonomic tiller arm and extremely compact powerhead, coupled with a very narrow chassis and outstanding visibility, ensure excellent man¬oeuvr¬abil¬ity in tight spaces, such as on board road vehicles or in block stacking.


The stackers are offered with different lifting capacities. All brands and models are designed to protect hands while placing everything within easy reach, for safe, comfortable and controlled operation. For operation on ramps and uneven floors, initial lift models are the best choice.


The types of stackers:

Platform stackers

Stand-in stackers

Sit-on stackers


Inquiry information needed:

Type of stackers

Maximum lifting

Carriage capacity




We give you offer from Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Komatsu and Hangcha.