Tractıonary Batterıes

They are lead-acid batteries design to perform high pulling power, long life, deep cycle, continuous charge-discharge cycle and with options to ease the maintenance and charging. They are especially used for vehicles being worked by electrical energy in the closed fields.

These batteries are used to provide motive power for all electrical vehicles operating in any kind of lifting and carrying (forklifts), man lift and access equipment, vehicles operating in industrial line, diesel or electrical vehicles used in railway systems, wagon lightening, automated vehicles, packing platforms,  some DC operating systems and some special systems where continuous charge-discharge cycle is required. Especially in the closed fields where environment is a sensitive issue traction batteries are used in any kind of stacking, stacking systems.

Boxes and lids are produced from polypropylene material, resistant to acid and impact. They are closed in fluid tight manner by the method of hot melt adhesive. These are the batteries produced with tubular positive plates design to perform high power. The tubular positive plate design provides long life, high porosity with low intensity letting the electrolytes transfer specialties with the high quality microporous separators located between positive and negative plates.

Level indicator plug can be produced on customer demand. Intercellular connections can be cells with bolded connection and welded-lead connection.

They comply with German DIN Standards and all types of vehicles from 60 Ah to 155 Ah. These batteries have a wide network of technical service. In boxes of batteries with automatic filling system, all cell plugs are float operated and the hoses are connected to each other. The electrolyte level of the cells is maintained by automatic filling from the tank to which these hoses are connected. Automatic filling reduces the labor cost and prevents acid spilling into the cell and boiler during the filling process, thus providing a cleaner working environment.

Fields of Application

Lifting systems



Cleaning Machines

Product Advantages:

Safe usage, fully insulated system

High protection against short circuit thanks to special negative plate envelopes

Less maintenance time thanks to optional automatic filling system

Quicker charge, less energy consumption

Technical Features

Positive plates with gauntlet and dip plastic

Use of active material of specially formulated standard granular structure

Active material produced from lead oxide with 99.99 purity

Terminal with double seals

Does not require acid addition

Filly sealed designed with special terminal structure

Long service life, acid-resistant, high quality boiler

Two types of plugs with different characteristics: filter and float plugs

Separators with high permeability, mechanical and chemical resistance and minimum internal resistance

Negative plates coated with specially designed envelope