Variable Speed Screw

These compressors are driven by a frequency inverter. The air demand of the facility is measured continuously and depending to this consumption, the frequency inverter set the motor speed. Hence, the compressor produces the exact amount of compressed air which is needed. In the facilities, the compressed air demand varies. The reasons are given below.

  • Some machines using compressed air run only at certain period
  • The compressor may have more air capacity than needed
  • Compressed air demand of some machines may change depending on their different speed or different capacity
  • Some machines do not run during maintenance period

The standard compressors run always load and unload mode, because compressed air requirement changes during the time. Although there is no compressed air production during unload mode, standard compressors consumes 30% of nominal power. The only solution to save this energy is to use Variable Speed Compressors.

Invertor type compressors adjust the motor and airend speed in accordance with the air motor and compressor unit airend speed demand of the factory. Energy consumption keeps decreasing almost linear in proportion with the capacity; overtly a 30% saving in energy consumption is possible. Besides, the wide capacity ranges allow these compressors to supply the required amount of pressure, continuously and at a constant level. With that method, not only an extra amount of energy saving is provided, but the possibility of unfavorable pressure change effects on some critical equipment are prevented as well. The use of the ‘Soft Start System’ in these compressors extends the motor service life and avoids the negative effects of the high start current on the energy system.

In addition, ‘Soft Start System’ lets the motor get started as many times as needed, and the short idle time periods give an extra energy saving. Considering at these advantages, it’s quite that 35% at this type of compressors’ total cost will be saved back after a 5 years application period.